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     WHDLOpener 1.1 by Korni and asrael22

Marcin 'Korni' Kornas & Manfred 'asrael22' Bergmann have just updated WHDLOpener allowing integration of E-UAE/WHDLoad with MorphOS/Ambient. WHDLoad games can be started by running the slave file or just the game icon. ADF images can be run in E-UAE, mounted in MorphOS and emulated AmigaOS.

  • You need to have AmigaOS 3.1 Workbench3.1 disk (or image), A1200 Kickstart 3.1 and A500 1.3 ROM images. SDK is recommended, though you can get away with some commands in C:.
  • WHDLOpener is configured to run E-UAE on a lores 24Bit 320x256 screen. Make sure your screenmodes are set up. If your monitor does not support 320x256, edit A1200_WHDLoad.conf, replace 320x256 with 640x512, set "gfx_linemode=double" and "gfx_lores=no".
  • Context menu for slave file has additional entry to run E-UAE in the windowed mode. It can be changed in the MIME settings for x-amigaos-whdload.
  • Only first E-UAE instance has UAE ARexx port.
  • Starting multiple games at the same time will not work.
  • Paths/Volumes need to be the same both on MorphOS and emulated AmigaOS. If you add or rename a volume in your system and want to run WHDLoad games from it - don't forget to add this volume in the E-UAE config.
  • E-UAE can be quit by CTRL ALT Q. For more information regarding E-UAE or other WHDLOpener external component refer to original documentation.
  • Custom tooltypes are not supported.
  • Installation can be made offline if these packages are in the main directory: E-UAE_1.0.0-JIT.lha.xz + rmh.lha + skick346.lha + WHDLoad_usr_small.lha.


Read the Readme file.

Download WHDLOpener_1.1.lha.


source: MorphZone


comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Monday, November 05 @ 11:34:28 CET (106 reads)
     EasyRPG Player 0.5.4 par BSzili

Szilárd 'BSzili' Biró has just make available a port of the last version of EasyRPG Player for MorphOS and AmigaOS4, a program that allows to play games created with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003.

For MIDI playback you can get the some MIDI patches from this link, and dump them next to the executable.


See description of EasyRPG_Player available on MorphOS-Storage.

Visit BSzili website.

Visit official website to have info on the compatibility, project status, progress, etc...


source: MorphZone

comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Friday, November 02 @ 14:25:46 CET (90 reads)
     AmiArcadia 24.82
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Monday, September 17 @ 06:44:16 CEST (119 reads)
     EasyRPG Player by BSzili
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, September 09 @ 21:50:34 CEST (115 reads)
     Test of Stunt Car Remake by Daff
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, September 01 @ 10:39:28 CEST (112 reads)
     WHDLOpener - integration of E-UAE / WHDLoad with MorphOS / Ambient
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Thursday, August 02 @ 15:14:34 CEST (129 reads)
     Port of Arx Libertatis by BSzili
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Tuesday, June 26 @ 20:19:32 CEST (144 reads)
     Ask Me Up XXL 3.4 by Glames
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Monday, June 25 @ 22:46:15 CEST (111 reads)
     Snes9x 1.53 ported by BeWorld
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, June 24 @ 08:42:52 CEST (125 reads)
     CannonBall ported by BeWorld
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Friday, June 15 @ 21:54:00 CEST (151 reads)

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