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Printing with MorphOS 1.2 by Bernd Assenmacher

Bernd AssenmacherBernd AssenmacherBernd AssenmacherBernd AssenmacherBernd Assenmacher has just released on MorphOS-Storage a tutorial to print with MorphOS 3.12.

Read the tutorial in english.

Read the tutorial in german.

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iConecta 3.20 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has just released a new version of iConecta, a tool compiled with the lastest Hollywood 8 and allowing to know if your hardware has an Internet connection and clean your privacy files from OWB (Orygin Web Browser).

Visit dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

See all Templario projects.

Visit Templario website.

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Potrace 1.16 ported by Stefan Haubenthal

Stefan Haubenthal has just released a new version of Potrace, an easy-to-use tool created by Peter Selinger to transform an image into a vector graphic element.

Visit dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.
Visit official website.

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MorphOS SDK 3.14 (November 2019) - Public Release

The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the release of the MorphOS Software Development Kit 3.14 (November 2019).

This new version contains updated binutils and addresses a few minor issues such as disk space requirements as it reduces the size of installation by about 1 gigabyte.

Our new SDK requires MorphOS 3.12 and about 2 GB of free disk space and can be found in our files section. As usual, a source package is available for download as well.

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Iris beta 71 by jacadcaps

Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has made available Iris beta 71, a new email client supporting IMAP protocol for MorphOS 3.12.

New Features include:

  • Implemented Drag&Drop of emails into folders
  • Finished the quick SMTP path for servers that automatically upload emails sent via SMTP to their respective Sent folders (like GMail)
  • Session handler fixed to request new OAuth2 keys before they expire - fixes a disconnect from GMail after running Iris for over 1 hour
  • Fixed embedding images in emails, added a mime type check on embedding
  • Added an ATTACH arexx command
  • Fixed not to leave outgoing messages in Drafts on the server
  • Multi-selected emails in Forward as Attachment action all land in one target
  • Fixed an issue where emails would sometimes not be sent out
  • Refactored all actions performed on multi-selected email lists to fix the problem where only pre-loaded emails would be handled by the action
  • Fixed several null pointer dereferences

Show description page and acces to download on MorphOS-Storage


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ModExplorer 2.0 by Joerg Renkert

Joerg Renkert has just released a new version of ModExplorer, a soft realized with Hollywood allowing to play music modules via Aminet, Modland or servers.

ModExplorer is available on AmigaOS Classic, AmigaOS 4.x and AROS.

Visit dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

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Chrysalis pack for MorphOS 3.12 available

The WArMUp association is pleased to offer the new version of Chrysalis package for MorphOS 3.12.

This pack allows you to easily and quickly obtain a completely pre-configured and enhanced MorphOS installation.

It contains a selection of software, games and emulators for MorphOS.

The ISO image is freely downloadable from MorphOS-Storage.

News :

- Iris beta 69
- MPlayer 1.3.0
- WebRadio 1.10
- VidentiumPicta 2.0
- RNOTags 1.0
- RNOPDF 1.3
- ScummVM 2.1.0
- ACE 1.19
- WHDLOpener 1.3
- ModernArt 3.0
- Polybios 1.2 plugin for Hollywood
- HollywoodPlayer 8.0
- RNOInfoScreen 1.7
- AHX 1.3 plugin for Hollywood

Do not hesitate to help us to improve this pack by suggesting alternative or new software, translation(s), any idea(s) on papiosaur2 at to support the MorphOS developers and the MorphOS Team so that the adventure continues.

Thank you very much to all the developers and users who participate from both near & or far to help improve this pack.


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PerCIMan 0.6 by Ulrich Becker

Ulrich Beckers has just released a new version of PerCIMan, a news soft allowing to manage your contacts and others information as adresses (private, job, etc...), mail and web/social media contact, birthday, picture file.

Visit dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

Visit Ulrich Beckers website.

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Iris beta 69 by jacadcaps

Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has made available Iris beta 68, a new email client supporting IMAP protocol for MorphOS 3.12.

New Features include:
- Heavily optimized address handling routines
- Fixed two late disposal issues which caused account autoconfigurator to dangle on app's quit or after closing the autoconfiguration window
- Improved html sanitization when sending rich-text emails

Show description page and acces to download on MorphOS-Storage


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Un podcast qui fait amende honorable, mais pas que ! par BatteMan

Un podcast 90 qui fait amende honorable, mais pas que puisque vous y retrouverez aussi l’actu chaude du moment ! Entre A-EON qui s'empare d’Exec SG (ou pas), Cloanto qui se rabiboche avec Individual Computer (ou pas) et iBrowse 2.5.1 ou bien encore le kickstarter pour un clavier d’Amiga 500, on peut dire que la semaine aura été chargée !

A noter qu’il n’y aura sans doute pas de podcast la semaine prochaine, Alchimie oblige.
Mais qui sait, peut-être qu’il y en aura un quand même… ^^

C’est une magnifique photo de Pixel Vixen qui ornera la jaquette de ce podcast, merci à elle !
Et c’est la musique d’introduction de Chaos Engine par Farook et Haroon Joi qui terminera ce podcast.

Bonne écoute à tous et n’oubliez pas, que l’Amiga soit avec vous !

Et n’hésitez pas à contacter BatteMan pour lui faire part de vos remarques et idées, ou bien si vous voulez partager un coup de gueule/coup de coeur avec les autres auditeurs du podcast. Pour ce faire, vous pouvez passer par les commentaires d’, mais aussi via Twitter (@batteman ou @amigaimpact) ou bien par mail.


Télécharger : Podcast-90-AI.mp3 (MP3) [48 Mo; 35 min] (un lecteur javascript, non compatible avec OWB…, devrait être disponible dans la « suite… » )

» s’abonner via le flux RSS …
» s’abonner via Spotify…
» s’abonner via Deezer…
» s’abonner via Google Podcasts…
» s’abonner via iTunes…