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     Folio 1.0b

André Siegel has just released a beta version of Folio, a wordprocessor using Webkit engine from Odyssey webbrowser, last written by Fabien Coeurjoly. This new version is compatible with Odyssey 1.24.


See snapshot.

Read Readme file.

Download Folio_1.0beta.lha.


Don't hesitate to support this excellent project via this link.

source : AmigaImpact

1 comment   Posted by papiosaur on Tuesday, August 22 @ 06:53:50 CEST (99 reads)
     Potrace 1.15

Stefan Haubenthal has just released the portage of Potrace, an open-source, cross-platform computer program which converts bitmapped images into vector graphics. It is written and maintained by Peter Selinger.

Read the Readme file.
Download Potrace_1.15.lha.
Visit the dedicated website.

comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, August 19 @ 08:43:16 CEST (84 reads)
     Test of Wazp3D 0.56
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, August 19 @ 08:24:37 CEST (34 reads)
     Folio, a new wordprocessor for MorphOS
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Friday, August 11 @ 07:04:22 CEST (86 reads)
     RNOInfoScreen 1.4
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Thursday, August 10 @ 22:30:50 CEST (68 reads)
     RNOAnim 1.2
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Thursday, August 10 @ 21:55:21 CEST (89 reads)
     AnimWebConverter 2.80
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, August 05 @ 06:27:26 CEST (87 reads)
     VintageViewer 2.45
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Tuesday, August 01 @ 18:28:21 CEST (68 reads)
     Collections 1.1
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, July 29 @ 06:51:05 CEST (89 reads)
     Actuality of Amiga world - May / June 2017
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Monday, July 10 @ 12:22:32 CEST (97 reads)

10 stickers - 5 euros



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Odyssey 1.25

Fabien Coeurjoly

SimpleMail 0.43
neoman & henes

Battle for Wesnoth
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UFO-AI 2.5
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ScummVM 1.9.0
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Scout NG
Jacek Piszczek

Jacek Piszczek
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MorphOS users

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