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     Greedium 1.4

Thomas Igracki just just proposed a new version of Greedium.

The principle of the game is to collect a maximum of numbers knowing that the number you selected you move as many spaces in the direction you selected and you do not have the right to board on your route. Other good or bad surprises await you.

Read the readme file.
See a screenshot.

Watch a video on YouTube.

Download Greedium_1.4.lha.
Visit dedicated webpage.

comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, October 21 @ 07:31:35 CEST (98 reads)
     MUIBase 4.0

Steffen Gutmann has just released version 4.0 of its famous MUIBase software.

MUIbase is a fast and flexible database system for MorphOS, Linux, Windows and Amiga. It is targeted for advanced desktop users who want to manage data in a comfortable and powerful way. MUIbase is able to manage any kind of data, e.g. addresses, CD series, movies, photo collections, your family tree, your income and expense, and much more. The power of MUIbase lies in its clear and powerful graphical user interface and its programming capabilities. Programming MUIbase allows you to process data in various ways, e.g. automatic calculations upon user input, generation of reports, import and export of data, etc. For example MUIbase can be used for calculating the total amount of income, or the total amount of recorded time on a CD, or to automatically create and print serial letters to your customers.

Read the Readme file.

Download MUIBase_4.0.lha.

More details on MUIBase website.

comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, October 14 @ 17:31:18 CEST (80 reads)
     MUI Royale 1.7
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, October 01 @ 18:02:20 CEST (55 reads)
     Gnuplot 5.2.0
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, October 01 @ 16:12:52 CEST (55 reads)
     New ports by BeWorld
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, October 01 @ 16:06:50 CEST (27 reads)
     Folio 1.0b
2 comments   Posted by papiosaur on Tuesday, August 22 @ 06:53:50 CEST (232 reads)
     Potrace 1.15
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, August 19 @ 08:43:16 CEST (95 reads)
     Test of Wazp3D 0.56
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, August 19 @ 08:24:37 CEST (42 reads)
     Folio, a new wordprocessor for MorphOS
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Friday, August 11 @ 07:04:22 CEST (100 reads)
     RNOInfoScreen 1.4
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Thursday, August 10 @ 22:30:50 CEST (75 reads)

10 stickers - 5 euros



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Odyssey 1.25

Fabien Coeurjoly

SimpleMail 0.43
neoman & henes

Battle for Wesnoth
Not attributed

UFO-AI 2.5
Not attributed

ScummVM 1.9.0
Not attributed

Scout NG
Jacek Piszczek

Jacek Piszczek
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MorphOS users

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