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[MAJ] Personnalisation d'un Pegasos par Guillaume Guittenit

Guillaume Guittenit vient de mettre en ligne sur Obligement une mise à jour de son article dans lequel il raconte comment il a redonné vie à un Pegasos, la première machine entièrement PowerPC compatible MorphOS.

Lire son article.

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VAMP 2.20 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has released a new version of VAMP, an alternative media player programmed with the latest version of the Hollywood programming language. It requires Hollywood plugins to read many formats and is available on AmigaOS3.x, MorphOS, AmigaOS4.x, AROS and Windows.

- Added two extra buttons:
     - Help to show the help window with the hot keys and mouse options.
     - Information about the multimedia file, time, format, etc.
- More privacy the name showed file doesn't showed in the player head bar.
- Fixed bugs in the skin routines.

Go to the dedicated page on MorphOS-Storage.
Visit the Templario website.

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RNOWidgets 1.4 by jPV^RNO

jPV^RNO has just released a new version of RNOWidgets, an application containing many widgets for your Ambient desktop (clock, date, calendar, images, RSS feed, notepad, etc ...) made with Hollywood.


- Added SSL support for network enabled widgets (requires AmiSSL v4)
- Added CXKEY (global hotkey) option to iconify/un-iconify widgets
- Changed the console output method
- RSS: Updated presets
- RSS: Added RDF compatibility

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

Visit the jPV website.

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RNORadio 1.1 by jPV^RNO

The developper jPV from RNO group has just released RNORadio, a GUI based internet radio player program for MP3 streams, and it's made with Hollywood. The actual streaming and playback is based on the CgmRadio program from Grzegorz Kraszewski, but RNORadio still works as a stand-alone program with no dependencies.


- Added hotkeys for favourite stations
- Shoutcast search results can also be reverse sorted
- No longer asks twice if you want to replace a station
- Fixed some iconifying and commodity issues with the MUI GUI
- Changed the Shoutcast keyword handling to always use lowercase
- More verbose handling connection errors
- Less strict with characters in the MUI GUI
- Fine-tuned playlist importing

Visit dedicated webpage on MorphOS Storage.

See all projects by jPV.

Visit jPV website.

RNORadio released

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Réaliser une sauvegarde de MorphOS sur un disque dur USB externe

David 'Daff' Brunet vient de traduire et mettre en ligne sur son site Obligement un article écrit par Jason Grenier et extrait de la bibliothèque MorphOS (MorphOS Library) intitulé Réaliser une sauvegarde de MorphOS sur un disque dur USB externe.

Lire l'article.

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Setlist-FM-dl 0.5 by IKE

IKE has just uploaded an update of his new tool to connects to and downloads user concert history.

Visit dedicated page on MorphOS-Storage.

Visit IKE website.

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AmiArcadia 25.2 ported by Stefan Haubenthal

Stefan Haubenthal has just ported AmiArcadia, a Signetics-based machines emulator by James Jacobs.

See dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

See Stefan Haubenthal ports.

Visit James Jacobs website.

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ScummVM 2.1.0 GIT by BeWorld

Bruno 'BeWorld' Peloille has just released the port of ScummVM 2.1.0 GIT for MorphOS 3.11.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

See all projects realized by BeWorld.

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AnimWebConverter 2.90 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has released a new version of AnimWebConverter, a tool compiled with the latest version of Hollywood and having the following functions:

- Resizes animations by percentage or pixel (width and height).
- Converts a gif animation to apng and vice versa.
- Changes the speed of the video
- Converts an Amiga * .anim or * .yafa animation to gif or apng formats.
- Extract an image of a video and save it in gif, jpg, lbm, png, bmp, jpeg2000 or tiff.
- Save your videos in mpeg

This tool is available for MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x and AmigaOS3.x and requires Hollywood plugins.

Available on MorphOS Storage.

See all projects realized by Templario.

Go to

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Iris beta 54 by jacaDcaps

Jacek 'jacaDcaps' Piszczek has made available Iris beta 54, a new email client supporting IMAP protocol for MorphOS 3.11.

- Improvements in the email editor; added default font (can be changed in settings)
- Connected servers will periodically poll for new messages
- Rewritten connection handling to improve performance and fix connection issues over time

This version also fixes:
- Switching between several displayable email compontents only worked once per component due to a bug in tmp file lookup
- Fixed an issue related to saving attachments from an email open in a separate window after the active folder has changed in the main window
- Improved server disconnection handling
- Fixed a crash in vmime related to IMAP folder access
- Unread messages count could sometimes be negative due to an overflow
- Fixed a long-standing reconnection problem where internal exception routing would skip over the actual reconnection routine
- Fixed an OAuth2 issue which caused servers to reject authentication if they weren't used for a long time (days) so that the refresh token expired - this delegates login back to the web browser as required by OAuth2
- Worked around an issue where the server returns messages in a random order instead of sorting them by uid
- Fixed a Sent folder refresh issue after sending an email
- Fixed a wrong UID count in folder issue causing server commands to fail after emptying a folder


Show description page and acces to download on MorphOS-Storage

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